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Preconstruction Planning


  • Co-ordinate with the architect and owner on project scope and design specifications.

  • Create preliminary budgets


  • Coordinate and review plans to develop scope documents

  • Solicit subcontractors

  • Accept bids

  • Compile a portfolio of bids for the owner/client

  • Negotiate contracts with owner, client, and subcontractors


  • Supplier/subcontractor buyouts

  • Negotiate all contracts & Purchase Orders

  • Develop budgets

  • Develop schedules

  • On-site job supervision and management

  • Maintain open lines of communication

  • Coordinate construction means and methods

  • Knowledge of daily construction activities either by site visits or phone discussions with our superintendent

  • Support the superintendent in all aspects of completing the job

  • Weekly job meetings

  • Update schedule, coordinate with superintendent and subcontractors for ongoing maintenance

  • Update cost report

  • Review subcontractor invoices

  • Create owner requisition


Post Construction & Close Out

  • Coordinate and compile all close out documentation including

  • Operations and maintenance manuals

  • As-built drawings

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