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Penzance Point Renovation/Construction

Location:  Falmouth Ma.


Client: Brophy & Phillips

Description: Addition, renovation & reconstruction of an existing 7,000 sqft. wood framed residence into a 12,000 sqft. residence. Due to the structure location and proximity to the harbor, waterproof vaults were built to house all mechanical systems including a 100 KW generator. A closed septic system with a contained clean water-leaching field was installed.


Existing 1,300 feet of stone seawall was removed & replaced with a reinforced concrete wall veneered with fieldstone.


Both interior & exterior design was high-end design & materials incorporating curves & arches throughout.  Incorporated into the design was a four-story elevator to access from the ground level to the top floor of the residence.


Construction: Reinforced concrete foundation. Wood framed structure.

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